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Alexander Sahatchiev presents Balchik, Bulgaria

                                                                       "The Palace"

   The greatest landmark of Balchik – the Palace – has remained from the period of the Romanian occupation. The Palace was the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria Alexandrina Victoria De Edinburgh (1875 – 1938).
  Queen  Maria  was love of first sight. The century old trees, the wild flowers, the rivulets and birds, even the quiet ancient water mills and dried stone fountain basins cast their spell on the First lady of Romania. Maria decided to build a palace. Architects and builders Augustino and Amerigo came all the way from Italy together with the florist Jules Jany of Switzerland.
   The Quiet Nest palace and its park and estate near Balchik is situated in the lowland and it huddles amidst three steep shores, which makes it inaccessible for winds. To the south it borders on the sea. This heavenly Bulgarian corner is lavishly endowed with age old trees, writing shrubs, delicate flowers, an abundance of water, cool and heat.

                                                                                                            Text from "Dvoreca.com"

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