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Red Jasper - Stone of Love

   Gemstones and jewelry have been sacred and meaningful to mankind since its beggining.
   Most gemstones are very old and have endured some kind of miraculous traumatic force of nature that was necessary to create them. For this reason they are very powerful and when we wear them, we can be near that power.

                                                            Leather bracelet with Jasper

   Stone of love according to the ancient Greeks and Egyptions who depicted scarabs on jasper to enhance sexuality.    Jasper was associated with the goddess Isis. She was the protector of women, especially mothers, and children. Isis was also considered to be the goddess of magic. Jasper symbolized her magical powers over life, fertility and matrimony.

Leather necklace with Jasper

   In Native American culture, red jasper is believed to have special powers to call forth the rains. It is used in sacred rain ceremonies and in dowsing exercises, where a pointer, typically a wire or stick, is used to search for underground waters.

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